Heal your gut and learn to create healthy, balancing meals.

Āyurveda, a 5,000-year-old science, has simple practices that hold the key to your digestive freedom.


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For years, I experienced rough symptoms of poor digestion.

Bloating and constipation, low blood sugar, and debilitating periods were my norm.

I read a ton of nutrition books, saw doctors and nutritionists, and incorporated changes that should have had me feeling better, such as: cutting dairy, eating more salads, and reducing my refined sugar intake.

Despite some small improvements, I still had irregular digestion, period pain, and a heavy feeling after eating.

But then I learned about Āyurveda. This ancient science explained the root cause of my symptoms in a way that no modern medical doctor had been able to do.


The principles of Āyurveda were simple, but many of the recommendations were counter to what I was hearing from influencers and media. For example:

  • Instead of eating many small meals each day, Āyurveda said to cut the snacks and have three regular meals. 

  • Rather than shunning dairy and gluten altogether, Āyurveda explained how to eat these foods in ways that didn’t cause negative symptoms.

  • I learned that eating more raw salads was actually contributing to my digestive problems, and that properly cooked food is much easier to digest and absorb. 

I had some initial resistance to these recommendations because they were so different than what I was hearing from others. But, I took the leap and trusted the process.

The results were incredible.

  • Constant food thoughts and cravings stopped.

  • Bloating after meals went away.  

  • My bowel movements regulated.

  • My periods became pain-free. 

  • I started to enjoy cooking and crafting meals.

Do you sometimes find yourself completely bewildered or conflicted about what to eat and how to feel well in your body?


Are you telling yourself that all of the annoying symptoms you experience must be normal “because you’re getting older”?

You want Āyurvedic Fundamentals: Food.

This comprehensive guide to Āyurvedic eating has everything you need to know about what, when, and how to eat for vibrant health. It includes:

  • a 30-page guide on Āyurvedic eating, including food lists, a meal planner, and suggested recipes

  • a 75-minute workshop recording exploring digestive symptoms and how to heal them

  • videos of Yogic practices that support better digestion, including shapes (āsana), breathing practices (prānāyāma), and hand gestures (mudrā)

You’ll walk away from this course with a true understanding of your body and how to make it feel its best.


Why it works:

Āyurveda is a comprehensive, holistic science of healing. In Āyurveda, we recognize that each human is unique and match treatments to individualized needs. Your Āyurvedic Fundamentals guide includes a quiz and information to help you understand your unique profile (known as your dosha), so you can recognize which practices are best for you and how to adapt the recommendations to your individual needs. 

You’ll also find in this guide that healthy digestion is about more than just the exact foods you eat. We look at you as a whole human, and explore how stress levels, movement patterns, and more can impact how you process and digest your food. 


Money Back Guarantee:

If you complete the guide and don’t feel like it’s beneficial to you, I’ll give you a full refund. Simply let me know what you completed and what your experience was.  

I know from my experience with 70+ clients that you’re going to walk away from this guide with some powerful tools to completely transform your digestion and health.  

If that’s not the case, and you want a refund – no problem. There’s no risk to you.

Join me in experiencing vibrant health and digestive freedom with the powerful, timeless wisdom of Āyurveda.


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