Reset, retreat, and release with an Āyurvedic lifestyle immersion

Join us virtually June 18th-20th

When was the last time you thought to yourself “I took great care of myself today”? We get so busy - caught up in work and families and all of our other to-dos -  that we often skip the most important part: taking care of ourselves. You might think that prioritizing your self-care can’t happen at home, or that you need a week-long retreat in a far-off location in order to find peace. 

But I see things differently. I don’t believe that self-care is something that’s outside of real life. Self-care is something that can be integrated into the fabric of your life - in fact, it’s your birthright. And that’s why I practice and teach Āyurveda.

In Āyurveda, the secret to a healthy body, lustrous skin, and a calm, peaceful mind isn’t something that’s expensive or unattainable. Rather, it’s found in small daily actions, which added up together create a balanced, harmonious life. 

Dream with me - what would it feel like if you didn’t go to bed exhausted every night, if you didn’t feel bloated after you ate, and if you could honestly say - “I took care of myself today”? With a little coaching, practice, and support, you can experience this - no plane tickets required.

When you incorporate healthy food, yoga and meditation, and simple Āyurvedic practices into your day, you’ll shed digestive disturbances, see improvements to your skin and hair, regulate menstrual issues, and find yourself more hopeful, balanced, and positive in your everyday life. It’s something that I’ve done for myself and with many of my clients, and I’d be honored to share these practices with you, too.

Introducing Kitchari Clarity, the 3-day kitchari reset and Āyurvedic lifestyle immersion for anyone who wants to reboot healthy digestion, reset their appetite, and create mental harmony. 

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Here’s what’s included

  • A guided, community-oriented 3-day Āyurvedic food cleanse (that tastes and feels good)

  • Āyurvedice lifestyle practices like Yoga āsana, guided meditation, and bodily cleansing practices that are simple, enjoyable, and doable 

  • Personalized support before, during, and after the immersion, so you can avoid the guesswork and get the most out of your experience

Experience healing with community - in realtime or via recording

We’ll experience this immersion as a virtual community Saturday, June 18th through Monday, June 20th. Our schedule is designed to be feasible and fit into your day even if you have work, kids, or other responsibilities.

If you can’t join us live - no problem.

Recordings of all of our sessions will be available for 90 days, so you can participate on your own time or repeat the program. You'll also have access to our Kitchari Clarity Community to ask questions and interact with other members.

You can join Kitchari Clarity now for $188 - and, it comes with our money-back guarantee (more on that below). 

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I went on a recent retreat Sam was leading. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but the sense of peace and balance and calm that I experienced on the trip and upon leaving certainly exceeded my expectations. I have already carried over habits created on this trip into my normal life, and I can emphatically say that the atmosphere Sam fosters is so valuable and appreciated, an oasis in the busy and hectic day-to-day. Highly recommend.

What's an Āyurvedic food cleanse?

We’ll spend 3 days eating simple, Ayurvedic dishes to rebuild the strength of our digestive system (and ultimately create balance and healing throughout the body). 

Instead of juice cleanses or concoctions designed to detoxify the body, Ayurveda relies on a simple, real-food digestive reset to help declutter the body and create a foundation for radiant health.  

Don’t worry, these simple dishes are easy to prepare, and I’ll be giving you a shopping list and cooking tutorials. We’ll also have online sessions where you can ask me your questions or address concerns live! 

It's about more than just the food

In addition to eating a special diet for 3 days, there's the option to include yogic practices like āsana (poses), pranayāma (breathing exercises), and meditation to rebalance energy through all the layers of the body. 

I’ll also be sharing tutorials on how to do Āyurvedic supportive practices like a luxurious oil massage. These practices fortify the body and support natural cleansing and detoxification. All of them are simple, inexpensive, and can easily fold into your daily routine with the help of my scheduling guide.

All together, you’ll be crafting a day that keeps your body, mind, and spirit feeling well.

Here's what you'll receive when you join Kitchari Clarity

  • Immersion guide including recipes, supply list, and more

  • 15-minute introductory consultation

  • 60-minute live Yoga āsana class + Immersion Q&A

  • 60-minute live meet-up and community circle

  • Video tutorials for Yoga, kitchari, and other Āyurvedic practices

  • Audio guided meditations and journaling prompts

  • Email support and the opportunity to ask your questions live throughout the program

  • Access to our private message board and community


My stomach is back to normal! The kitchari cleanse worked like a charm!

Clarity Community


Your All-Access Pass

  • Guided, 3-day kitchari reset and Ayurvedic immersion

  • Live sessions that include a 1-on-1 call, Yoga practices, Q&A, and community circle.

  • Kitchari Clarity PDF guide that includes everything you need to have a successful digestive reset

  • Video tutorials and audio guided meditations

  • Access to recordings of our live sessions for 90 days

  • Kitchari Clarity Community platform to ask questions and share updates

  • Email access and support throughout the immersion


Clarity Plus


Get personalized support

  • Everything included in the Clarity Community package plus...

  • 60-minute coaching session with Sam: use this session to receive personalized information about your dosha, Ayurvedic routines, and creating lasting change from your immersion

  • Session comes with an email recap, recording, and additional resources based on our conversation


5% of all earnings are donated to CGOU, whose overall mission is creating opportunities for underprivileged people through education and empowerment. Much of their work is based in Baroda, India, where they supply sustenance, education, and resources to low-income children through Mahavir Foundation Trust Vadodara Chapter.


Registration is open until June 14th - join today!

 We don't want price to be a barrier to your well-being. Please reach out via email for access to scholarships available.

Money Back Guarantee

If you complete the 3-day immersion and don’t see benefits to your body and mind, I’ll give you a full refund. Simply let us know what practices and workshops you participated in and your experience after completing the reset.  

I know from my experience with 60+ clients that you’re going to walk away from this reset with some powerful changes you will notice immediately.  

If that’s not the case, and you want a refund – no problem. There’s no risk to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You don’t need to ditch “real life” in order to feel well. Learn to incorporate truly healing self-care practices into your regular life so you feel light, energized, and balanced every day.

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