Enjoy a health retreat experience in the comfort of your own home

Reboot healthy digestion, reset your appetite, and enhance mental harmony with a guided food cleanse and Āyurvedic schedule
Life can have a habit of getting in the way of self-care. 
  • You plan to make it to your morning workout class, but the boss schedules an early-morning meeting again, and you have to cancel your reservation. 

  • You stop in the coffee shop for liquid fuel and grab the healthiest looking salad you can find. The dressing may be loaded with sugar, but it’s good enough (even if you’re a little gassy for the rest of the day.)  

  • After 30 minutes of googling natural remedies for itchy, dry eyes, you give up and take a pill, knowing that it works, even though you don’t like the drowsy side-effects.

  • A long day at the office results in a late dinner. You’re starving, so you pick up something on the way home and eat it quickly…unfortunately waking up with a belly ache.

Sound familiar? 


Even when we have an intention to support ourselves with healthy habits, limited time and energy can make following through difficult. 

You dream of getting away from it all and taking a few days on a picturesque beach to rest, restore, and focus on you. But then reality crashes in, and you realize that the time off, the budget, and frankly - the planning - just aren’t in the cards for you right now.

What if you could have the health retreat experience at home? No flights, no packing, no dipping into your savings account required.

You could have the healthiest staycation ever!

  • You wake up early, feeling well-rested, and move your body - you feel proud of yourself for getting your exercise in early.

  • You eat nourishing foods that are delicious and don’t make you bloated.

  • You take time to reflect, to journal, and to gain clarity on your goals, which will help you keep your big picture in mind through your busy days. 

Without leaving home, you get to retreat from “real” life for a few days to explore what health and self-care means to you. You get to actually experience what self-care feels like, and learn tools that you can weave back into your everyday life.

It's entirely possible...

Kitchari Clarity is an at-home Āyurvedic food cleanse and lifestyle immersion that helps you reboot healthy digestion, reset your appetite, and create mental harmony.

 Get everything you need for a 3-day at-home retreat and immersion.

From recipes to Yoga videos to a live call with Sam, an Āyurvedic Health Counselor, you’ll be supported from beginning to end in creating an easeful, enjoyable, and restorative retreat weekend.  Even the schedule and shopping list is all planned out for you.   

In Āyurveda, the secret to a healthy body, lustrous skin, and a calm, peaceful mind is found in small daily actions: eating simple, nourishing meals; moving with intention; resting well; and cleaning the body. 

They are doable, practical lifestyle routines, and added up together, support a balanced, harmonious life.

 Spend 3 days eating simple, Āyurvedic dishes to rebuild the strength of your digestive system (and ultimately create balance and healing throughout the body).

Instead of juice cleanses or concoctions designed to detoxify the body, Āyurveda relies on a simple, real-food digestive reset to help declutter the body and create a foundation for radiant health. These meals are gluten-free and vegetarian - reach out if you have questions about accommodating allergies or food restrictions! They're easy to prepare, and I’ll be giving you a shopping list and cooking tutorials. We’ll also have a live phone session to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy these meals.

In addition to eating a special diet, you’ll learn prescribed Yogic practices to help you rebalance energy in the body, breath, and mind.

From movements to breathing practices and meditation techniques, you’ll feel your body and mind shift towards a calmer, clearer demeanor. I’ll also be sharing tutorials on how to do Āyurvedic supportive practices like a luxurious oil massage. These practices fortify the body and support natural cleansing and detoxification. All of them are simple, inexpensive, and can easily fold into your day with the help of my scheduling guide.

All together, these immersion days will help keep your body, mind, and spirit feeling well.  Once you’ve dedicated this time to your health staycation, you’ll have the tools you need to keep up your self-care practices when life is going at full speed.

What's included in Kitchari Clarity:
  • Kitchari Cleanse: recipes, tutorials, shopping lists, and guidance for a 3-day food cleanse that tastes and feels good 

  • Āyurvedic Lifestyle Practices: videos and instruction for Yoga āsana, guided meditation, and bodily cleansing practices that are simple, enjoyable, and doable 

  • Personalized Support: before, during, and after the immersion, so you can avoid the guesswork and get the most out of your experience


My stomach is back to normal! The kitchari cleanse worked like a charm!

Join anytime and participate in your own time

Kitchari Clarity


  • Immersion guide including recipes, supply list, Āyurvedic theory, best practices, and more

  • 15-minute personal consultation with Sam

  • Video tutorials for Yoga, cooking, and other Āyurvedic practices

  • Audio guided meditations and journaling prompts

  • Recorded workshops on healthy digestion and creating an Āyurvedic daily routine

  • Email support for timely answers and guidance

  • Access to our community message board


Group Immersion


  • Everything included in Kitchari Clarity plus...

  • Access for up to 4 people to the course portal

  • Extended 30-minute group video consultation with Sam

It can be so nourishing to experience these practices with others, and I encourage you to invite your friends on this journey!




5% of all earnings are donated to CGOU, whose overall mission is creating opportunities for underprivileged people through education and empowerment. Much of their work is based in Baroda, India, where they supply sustenance, education, and resources to low-income children through Mahavir Foundation Trust Vadodara Chapter.

 We don't want price to be a barrier to your well-being. Please reach out via email to [email protected] for access to scholarships available.


The atmosphere Sam fosters is so valuable and appreciated, an oasis in the busy and hectic day-to-day. Highly recommend.

Money Back Guarantee

If you complete the immersion and don’t see benefits to your body and mind, I’ll give you a full refund. Simply let me know what practices and workshops you participated in and your experience after completing the reset.  

I know from my experience with 60+ clients that you’re going to walk away from this immersion with some powerful insights and changes you will notice immediately.  

If that’s not the case, and you want a refund – no problem. There’s no risk to you.



I can’t count the number of times that I’ve been frustrated or tired and found myself searching for airline tickets, googling “Yoga retreats coming up,” or researching courses or trainings on Yoga and other healing modalities. 

And while I’ve sometimes been able to follow that longing and get away, those powerful experiences didn’t always translate to changes at home. With a thriving coaching business and an almost-3-year-old child at home, it’s also been infeasible for me to get up and go the way that I used to when I was in school. 

My refuge is in the daily practices and rituals I do. It’s in the cooking of nourishing meals, time for oil massages, and morning meditations. It’s getting out my journal, even when I don’t think I have time, and writing some notes to myself about my goals.

These small daily practices have added up to something much bigger: a sense of connection, patience, and enhanced well-being. My refuge is always available to me.

I know the power of these practices, and I feel honored to share them with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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