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The Spiro Collective Habit Tracker and Guide

Transform Your Life through Small Steady Steps


Three minutes a day can change your life.  


While there are thousands of schemes out there for how to be the best you, you don’t need most of them. You need one, or a few, practices that you enjoy and will produce the results that you are looking for. Plus you need a sustainable strategy for starting a practice and making it stick.  


With your simple daily routine, you feel vibrant and productive. You don’t waste time debating which self-care practice you can squeeze in today, and you hardly ever miss a day. You feel great while you’re doing it, and over time, the cumulative benefits are deep and powerful. 


How do you find your most impactful practices and make them happy habits? The Spiro Collective Habit Tracker and Guide


You get 

  • a straight-forward guide to identify your wellness goals, with practical tips for overcoming challenges and making your routine enjoyable and sustainable, and 
  • a fun habit tracker that keeps your priorities clear, your practices concise, and your successes perfectly apparent


For just $8, you’ll immediately receive your printable PDF Habit Tracker and Guide.

☆ Five percent of all proceeds will be donated to CGOU, whose overall mission is creating opportunities for people through education and empowerment. Much of their work is based in Baroda, India, where they supply sustenance, education, and resources to low-income children through Mahavir Foundation Trust Vadodara Chapter.
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